The results of the conference



The results of the XI scientific-practical student conference UTP

  • The conference was prepared and conducted in a short time
  • 74 students prepared and submitted abstracts in LaTeX in the application form for the conference:
  • each abstract contained correctly compiled list of literature and annotation;
  • the title and abstract was accompanied by a trusted teacher translation into the English language.
  • 73 the author promptly reviewed the reports, some theses were removed from participation because of the disruption of a review by the author;
  • Every fifth-year submitted abstracts of the proposed report.
  • The selection of 17 reports of the section of mathematics and Informatics, and 15 reports on the economy and humanitarian Sciences and highlighting from them 4 papers at the plenary session took place on the basis of a fair consideration of the views of all without exception of reviewers;
  • on the section of mathematics and Informatics opinions of students and teachers, practically coincided;
  • in the Economics section of the opinions of the students and professors dispersed, but were agreed by the programme Committee.
  • The quality of work each reviewer was objectively evaluated by the computer according to the criterion of consistency with accepted PCs opinion.
  • For each paper was assigned opponent from among 41 failed to contest.
  • Almost all the reports and a significant part of the performances of the opponents was accompanied by slides.
  • 201 listener took part in the audition April 22 and comparative evaluation of reports and speeches opponents by comparing from 4 to 34 heard reports each.
  • The results of the conference were summarized with complete and objective consideration of the opinion of all participants within a half hour, when this:
  • The opinions of professionals and students according to some reports very dispersed on each section,
  • On the section of mathematics and Informatics discrepancy was noticeably stronger than in the section of economy and humanitarian Sciences.
  • The places were distributed as follows:
  • The collection of the conference materials:
  • Taking into account the views of the reviewers selected 20 works at the section of mathematics and Informatics and 27 works at the section of economy and humanitarian Sciences;
  • All abstracts have been developed in full accordance with the reviewers ' comments and PC;
  • Work of the second volume were qualified editing;
  • Two volumes of the book in PDF format, is available for viewing via the Internet Explorer address
  • For participation in the conference for the students of the 5th course of objectively calculated assessment of a differentiated examination on the subject "Practice of participation in scientific-practical conferences" (24 fives, 8 fours, 19 triples and 5 pairs).
  • Tested first developed in the fps information system UPIS students according to some reports.

Appendix №1. The distribution of prizes

In the section of mathematics and Informatics

Mashtakov Alexey
The diploma of 1 degree
Koryak Philip
The diploma of 1 degree
Mihajlov Alexey
The diploma of 2 degree
Ardentov Andrey
The diploma of 2 degree
Frolenko Vitaly
The diploma of 3 degree
Katya Sergeeva
The diploma of 3 degree
Khalyavin Yuri
The prize name of  C. N. Rzhevsky
Yarovitsyn Roman
The prize name of  C. N. Rzhevsky

In the section of Economics

Chugunova Vera
The diploma of 1 degree
Balandina Elena
The diploma of 1 degree
Alexey Elistratov
The diploma of 3 degree
Cucina Tatiana
The diploma of 2 degree

Appendix №2. Particularly distinguished in the course of the conference the students:

1. Koryak Philip (implementation kernel)
2. Sevcikova Hope (organization of work)
3. Titova Elena (organization of work)
4. Andrey Shevchuk (documentation and development)
5. Kasimov Benjamin (development and organization)
6. Nikolay Abramov (development and organization)


1. S. A. Amelkin checking works of economists in the collection
2. Ryumina E.V. reviewing and editing of the volume of the section of economy and humanitarian Sciences
Achieved in the course of the conference, the results became possible only due to the active position of the administration and first rector S.M. Abramov, good work GKP, OCR, great creative activity V.V. Kuzmina, Luchevoi, understanding and responsibility of teachers of English language. Significant contribution to the development of informatsionnoj system and technical work on the formation of the collection was made by students E. Patrikeev and Yu Armless.


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